$1200 Barco RLM-W14 14,500 Lumens HD Projector

 Picture of AV for You Barco 14k HD projector available to rent

Picture of AV for You Barco 14k HD projector available to rent

AV for You Comments:

Our 14K HD Projectors offer all the capabilities that our 12K’s offer but display an even brighter image.  Our 14K projectors also come with cages to allow for easier mounting and fine tuning adjustments onsite.

Manufacturer Comments:

Featuring a stylish projector design with a very stable lens mount, the RLM-W14 offers Active Stereo 3D and provides video over a single Cat 5 cable (HDBaseTTM). It is designed for fixed installation in museums, theaters, houses of worship, hotels, lecture halls or conference auditoriums; but its extended warping and blending, rugged chassis and optional rental frame make it equally suited for the rental market as well.

  • Video over a single Cat 5 cable:  Supporting point-to-point transmission of video signals – up to WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200) at 60 Hz – from a source converter to a projector over a single Cat 5 cable, the RLM-W14’s HDBaseTTM technology takes away the need for multiple cables and connectors, leading to more simplicity and lower costs.

  • Stunning images:  Geared with three-chip DLP technology, the high-brightness RLM-W14 generates crisp and stable images with rich contrast and sensational colors. It also features a DICOM simulated mode that guarantees accurate grayscales and highly detailed images – key requirements for medical training.

  • Rugged design:  Operating on a voltage of 110V - 240V, the RLM-W14 is a rugged projector that reduces noise and power consumption. Moreover, its TLD lenses are compatible with the RLM-W12, HDX and HDF projectors. It’s also standard equipped with BarcoLink, allowing native WUXGA @60 Hz signals to be transmitted between the Barco image processors and projectors via a single BNC cable, for simple and reliable signal distribution.


  • 14,500 lumens light output
  • 3-chip DLP technology

  • WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200) resolution

  • Video over a single Cat 5 cable thanks to standard HDBaseTTM

  • Standard Active Stereo 3D

  • Extended warping and blending

  • Better color stability & saturation

  • Perfect for fixed installations

  • Rental frame available

  • Low power consumption

  • Wide range of TLD lenses, compatible with RLM-W12, HDX, HDF and FLM projectors