2016 VEAP Gala

Pic Av For You Rental AV For You was happy to provide audio, video and lighting for the VEAP Gala at Hyatt Regency Bloomington.

For audio we provided eight DVA T4 Line Array Speakers split among our two sumner eventer 16 stage lifts. We set up for a five piece jazz band using our drum mic kit, 2 sm57s for horns and a direct boxes for keyboard. We set two of our JBL VRX Line Array Speakers on the stage as a center speaker fill. Also at the frosted podium we used our Audio Technica gooseneck microphones.

For video we front projected our Eiki 7KHD onto our Dalite 8x14 Fastfold screens. We also provided our Panasonic HD Camera for IMAG, which allows the audience a better view of what's happening on stage.

For lighting we provided eight ETC Source 4 lights for a stage wash and two ETC source 4s to provide a backlight at the podium to provide extra definition for the camera.

At the tech table we have our full size X32 digital mixer, QLXD4 Wireless Mic Distro Rack, Smartfade Lighting console, Quickvu Video Switcher for switching between the main presentation and camera.

Pic AV For You rental

Pic AV For You rental