2017 Community Impact Awards

AV For You rental pic AV For You set up audio, video, and lighting for the Community Impact Awards held by Tiger Oak Media at Aria in Downtown Minneapolis.

For audio we set up 4 JBL VRX Line Array speakers on stands. We had our Audio Technica podium mics on top of our frosted podium as well.

For video we rear projected a 7kHD projector onto a Screen Works 9'x16' truss style folding screen. We also provided a 40" confidence monitor and speaker timer for presenters to view the program from while on stage.

For lighting we provided 3 ETC Source 4 lights. 2 were used for a stage wash and 1 was for a band spotlight. We provided 3 more source 4 light for gobos to be projected above the stage. We used our ETC EDLT Lens, which provided an extra sharp high definition image for gobo projection.

At the tech table we had our X32 Producer Digital Mixer for audio, DSAN Pro-2000 controller for the speaker timer, ETC Smartfade Lighting Console to control the stage lights, and the Analog Way Nextage08 for video switching. We also provided our Playback Pro for video rolls and our Delvcam 4K Ultra HD Monitor for use as a preview monitor for video.

AV For You rental pic

AV For You rental pic