The Knot event at the Golden Valley Country Club

Recently we had the pleasure to be a sponsor for the annual Knot event.  Thanks to Hana at Mani-Mela and Kelly Brown Photography we had the opportunity to show everyone in the business a little more of what we can do, as well as some clever alternatives to common needs.  I was happy to show off  what we can do for lighting at this event, the purple LED uplighting added a whole new depth and temperature to the room, while the gobos hitting the ceiling added a completely different texture from an angle you wouldn't suspect.  Another demonstration we were able to show was what to do about projection.  When a slide show needs to be played we like to substitute the projector for a flat screen TV, you get all the benefits of a large screen but without the worry of sunlight or people walking through the projection; a very handy way of handling a cramped space.