American Made Fender Jazz Bass and Eden Traveler bass amp and head available for rent in Minneapolis/St. Paul

AV For You is now renting a American Made Fender Jazz Bass and a Eden Traveler Bass Amp/Head.

2007 Fender American made Standard Jazz bass with passive pick ups.

2000 Eden Traveler WT 400 Made in Minnesota

  • -Hand-tested 7025 tube for added warmth
  • -Input Gain with -12dB Pad
  • -Switchable automatic compression
  • -Eden's proprietary Enhance control
  • -5-band semi-parametric EQ
  • -FX loop
  • -DI output with level control and Ground lift
  • -Tuner and Headphone outputs
  • -Stereo Aux Inputs
Eden D 410-T Cabinet
-540W capable
-4-8 Ohms Impedance


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