Gener8tor Premiere Night at Aria in Minneapolis

Picture of AV for You Audio Visual Rental Equipment at Aria in Minneapolis

Picture of AV for You Audio Visual Rental Equipment at Aria in Minneapolis

AV for You provided Audio, Video, Lighting and Staging rental equipment for Gener8tor’s Premiere Night at Aria in Minneapolis.  

For audio rental equipment we set up six JBL VRX900 Line Array Speakers, QSC K10 & K8 Powered Speakers, Shure & Countryman Wireless Microphones along with our Behringer X32 Producer.

For video rental equipment we rear projected a Barco 12k Lumen HD Projector onto a Screen Works 16’ x 9’ Truss Screen.  We used an Analog Way QuickVu Video Switcher and Playback Pro for switching between PowerPoint and video rolls.  We set up a Samsung 40” 4k TV for a confidence monitor.

For lighting rental equipment we used six Chauvet Ovation E-910FC LED Lights for stage wash and another two for gobo projection.  We used our ETC Smartfade 1248 Lighting Board.

For staging rental equipment we set up two panels of pipe and drape using our black ultra velour drape.

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