Audio and Video Rental for Aria Wedding

Picture of AV for You screen rental for a Wedding at Aria in Minneapolis

Picture of AV for You screen rental for a Wedding at Aria in Minneapolis

AV for You set up Audio and Video rental equipment for a wedding at Aria in Downtown Minneapolis.

For audio rental equipment we provided a Shure Wireless Handheld Microphone, a Shure Wireless Lavalier Microphone, and a RapcoHorizon LTI Blox Laptop Audio Interface for sound with the slideshow presentation.

For video we flew our Screen Works 6.75' x 12' Truss Style fastfold using our Verlock Cabling.  We front projected our Eiki 7KHD Projector onto the screen from the VIP area in aria.  We used our Decimator HDMI-SDI Cross Converters to distribute HD Video signal to the DJ position on stage.  The screen was used to project a video slideshow of the bride, groom, friends and families at the wedding.

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