Gustavus Adolphus College Christ Chapel 2 large screens with windows

A couple months ago we (AV for You) got a call about doing some large screens in a very challenging space. We went down and did a site inspection and the result was Gustavus Adolphus put on a great conference about slavery this past weekend. They had about 900 people attendĀ  the keynote speaker who needed to show a PowerPoint presentation. Their beautiful Christ Chapel on campus was to be the location. The problem was the presentation was in the morning and there are 360 degrees of windows around the chapel. Our plan was to use 7.5x10 rear projection screens and pipe and drape the sides between the back of the screen and the projector. This tunnel of drape killed a lot of the light that would wash out the screens from the sides. In addition we used 6500 lumen projectors with short throw lenses as there was not a lot of excess space on the stage. Finally we also did about 50' of pipe and drape along the east wall to try and stop the direct sunlight from coming into the building all together. There was still a great deal of ambient light getting in but the counter measures we took allowed for a very use able image in a very sun light hostile environment.