AV Rental for Seminar at the Interlachen Country Club

Picture of AV for You Audio Visual Rental Equipment for a Seminar at the Interlachen Country Club

Picture of AV for You Audio Visual Rental Equipment for a Seminar at the Interlachen Country Club

AV for You set up Audio and Video rental equipment for a Hays Companies Whiteboard Seminar event at the Interlachen Country Club in Minneapolis.  

For audio rental equipment we provided two QSC K10.2 Powered Speakers on stands.  We used our Shure ULX-D Wireless Microphone Rack for clear and dependable audio transmission. 

For video rental equipment we front projected two NEC 3K projectors onto our Da-Lite 8' Tripod Screens. We used our Decimator HDMI/SDI Cross Converters to distribute HD Video Signal to both projectors. We also provided a camera for image magnification of the White Board Presentation on stage.  

At the tech table we had a Mackie Pro FX12 audio mixer for volume control of the microphones and a Analog Way QuickVu Video Switcher for simple switching between powerpoint, polling, and camera.

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