BWC Annual Forum at the Machine Shop

Picture of AV for You rental equipment at the Machine Shop in Minneapolis

Picture of AV for You rental equipment at the Machine Shop in Minneapolis

AV for You provided Audio, Video and Staging Rental Equipment as well as Tech Services for the BWC Annual Forum put on by Amy Zaroff Events+Design at the Machine Shop in Minneapolis.

For audio rental equipment we setup Shure QLXD4 Distro Wireless microphone rack, a Shure Wired Handheld mic for the podium, a wireless lavalier mic kit for the keynote speaker and we used our Allen & Heath Zed 18 Channel Mixer.

For video rental equipment we rear projected our ViewSonic LS830 Ultra Short Throw 4.5K Projector onto a Screen Works 10’ x 5.75’ Truss Screen.  We also set up two Samsung 65” Monitors on both sides of the projector screen. We used our Analog Way Pulse2 Video Switcher and Playback Pro Computer to switch between powerpoint and video rolls.  

For staging rental equipment we set up an 8’ x 12’ stage using six of our 4’ x 4’ stage decks, skirting and a stage step.  We placed our Truss podium on the stage as well.

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