EComm Forum at the Machine Shop

Picture of AV For You rental equipment at the Machine Shop in Minneapolis

Picture of AV For You rental equipment at the Machine Shop in Minneapolis

AV for You provided Audio, Video, Lighting and Staging Rental equipment as well as onsite tech services for Irish Titan’s EComm Forum at the Machine Shop in Minneapolis.

For audio rental equipment we used a Shure QLXD4 Distro Rack for wireless microphones and a Behringer X32 Producer.

For video rental equipment we flew a Screen Works 12’ x 6.75’ screen and projected onto it using our Eiki 7K HD Projector.  We used our Panasonic HD Camera for IMAG. For monitors we set up a Samsung 40” 4K TV as a confidence monitor as well as three Samsung 55” TV’s showing the program feed from the first floor on the second floor.

For lighting rental equipment we used six Chauvet Ovation E-910FC LED Lights for stage wash.  We controlled the lights with our ETC Smartfade 1248 Lighting Board. We also used six Eternal Lighting Cube Echo LED Battery Powered Uplights on the grey drape.

For staging rental equipment we set up three panels of pipe and drape for backdrop using our Grey Ultra Velour Drape.  We also constructed a 16’ x 8’ stage using eight of our 4’ x 4’ stage decks and placed a Truss Podium on it as well.

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