Minnesota Family Business Awards

Pic Av For You rental AV For You proudly provided audio, video and lighting for Twin Cities Business Magazine's MInnesota Family Business Awards at Hyatt Regency in Downtown Minneapolis.

For audio we provided four JBL VRX Line Array Speakers. Two of which were set on top of our two JBL VRX Subs, the other two were set up on speaker stands on the outsides of our projector screens. We also set our Audio Technics podium mics on top of our frosted podium.

For video we rear projected our Eiki 7KHD projectors onto our Draper 9x16 fastfold screens. We also had our Panasonic HD camera to provide IMAG, giving the audience a better look at who is speaking at the podium.

For lighting attached four ETC source 4 to two 15' truss towers to create a well lit stage. We also provided two extra source 4 lights behind the stage to create a backlight that helps create better balance of light for the camera on screen.

At the tech table we have our Analog Way pulse2 video switcher, Behringer X32 producer digital mixer, Playback Pro for playing walk up music and video rolls and an ETC smartfade to control lighting.

Pic Av For You Rental

Pic Av For You rental