North Hennepin Community College Annual President's Circle Dinner

Picture of AV for You audio, lighting, and staging set-up for the North Hennepin Community College's Annual President's Circle Dinner AV for You provided audio and lighting for North Hennepin Community College's annual President's Circle Dinner at Edinburgh USA. For audio, we used four QSC K10 speakers spread throughout the space as main speakers. We provided two more K10 speakers as floor monitors for the musician performing before and during the dinner. We also provided DIs, which allow for input of keyboard and guitar into the soundsystem, and an sm58 for vocals.

For lighting, we have eight Source Four lights split among two 9' truss towers in the back of the room, this provided us with a general wash of the stage, along with a spotlight for the musician.

We also set up 16' of grey drape with eight Uplights displaying a teal color, to match the event decor. Additionally, we provided our frosted podium with our Audio Technica podium microphones.