Audio, Video and Staging Rental at PAIKKA

Paikka-St Paul-Forecast Public Art Event #1.jpg

AV for You set up audio, video and staging rental equipment for Forecast Public Art at PAIKKA in St. Paul.

For video rental equipment we front projected our ultra short throw Viewsonic projector on to our Screen Works 5.75' x 10' folding screen.

For audio rental equipment we used our QSC K10 Powered Speakers on stands in each corner of the room.

For staging rental equipment we set up a 8' x 12' stage, with 16" skirting.  We setup black drape behind the stage and past the windows to block ambient light from affecting the presentation in the venue. We set our Truss Podium onstage from which the presenters could speak.

At the tech table we used our Mackie 1402 Audio Mixer, Roland VR-4 Video Switcher and a Playback Pro Computer.  This allowed us to control audio sources and switch between the presentation and video rolls when necessary.

Paikka-St Paul-Forecast Public Art Event #2.jpg
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