$1000 Barco RLM-W12 12,000 Lumens HD Projector

Picture of AV for You Barco 12K projector available to rent

Picture of AV for You Barco 12K projector available to rent

AV for You Comments:

Our 12K HD Projectors offer all the capabilities that our 7K’s offer and more.  These projectors are brighter and also unlock Edge Blending/Projector Mapping capabilities.  Our 12K projectors come with cages to allow for easier mounting and fine tuning adjustments onsite.  

Manufacturer Comments:

Thanks to its standard active 3D capabilities, low noise level and high light output, the cost-effective RLM-W12 is a perfect fit for fixed installation in conference auditoriums, lecture halls and infotainment applications. Geared with an optional ceiling mount or stacking frame, the RLM-W12 can also be used for events. What’s more, the RLM-W12 is equipped with TLD lenses, making it fully compatible with Barco’s HDF, HDX and FLM projector families.

  • Flawless image quality: Thanks to its 3-chip DLP image quality, the RLM generates crisp images with a better color saturation, more stability and richer contrast. Its WUXGA (1920x1200) resolution makes sure you see all important details at once.

  • The most silent:  Barco’s RLM projectors are the most silent projectors in their range. They remove the strain of working under a constant drone of projection equipment, and make the only noticeable thing about it its image quality.

  • Low power consumption:  The RLM consumes less power than comparable projectors. Today, as energy conservation is an important consideration, the RLM benefits both your energy bill and the environment.

  • Fast signal distribution:  Our proprietary BarcoLink technology guarantees swift signal distribution between Barco’s projectors and image processors. With BarcoLink, signals are distributed over a BNC coax cable, which is not only more durable but also enables you to lower