Allianz Technology Conference at Solar Arts in Minneapolis

Picture of AV For You Audio Visual Rental Equipment featuring a four screen setup at Solar Arts in Mpls

Picture of AV For You Audio Visual Rental Equipment featuring a four screen setup at Solar Arts in Mpls

AV for You provided Audio, Video and Lighting Rental equipment as well as Onsite Tech Services for a two day Allianz Technology Conference at Solar Arts in Minneapolis.  

For audio rental equipment we set up four QSC K10 Speakers, Shure Wireless Microphones and our Behringer X32 Compact Mixer.  

For video rental equipment we used four Eiki 7K HD projectors with Draper 10’ x 5.75’ Fastfold Screens.  

For lighting rental equipment we used four Chauvet Ovation E-910FC LED lights for stage wash and controlled it using our ETC Smartfade 2496 lighting board.

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