Sound Devices PIX 240 Video Recorder

pix240 Check out our newest piece of equipment up for rent; a Sound Devices PIX 240 Video Recorder.

"The Sound Devices PIX 240 Video Recorder provides the ability of QuickTime recording for video cameras with HDMI and HD-SDI inputs. It employs Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD formats to record videos which offer good picture quality and processing efficiency. It stores recorded videos onto compact flash cards or removable 2.5” solid-state hard drives with UDF format, and the recorded videos can be accessed on systems operating on both Windows and Mac OS. In addition, the PIX 240 records videos which are ideal for editorial workflows such as on-the-fly color grading, video processing, etc."

Product Highlights

  • -QuickTime Recording for Video Cameras
  • -HDMI and HD-SDI Inputs
  • -Input Signal Resolution up to 1080i/p
  • -Simultaneous HD-SDI / HDMI Outputs
  • -Frame Rate Conversion
  • -3:2 Pull Down Removal
  • -5" LCD Display
  • -FireWire 800/USB 3.0/eSATAp Connection
  • -3 Gbps Transfer Rate over Single Cable
  • -Multi-Voltage XL-WPH3 AC Adapter

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