Audio and Stage Rental in Downtown Minneapolis

Picture of AV for You PA System and Stage rental in downtown Minneapolis

Picture of AV for You PA System and Stage rental in downtown Minneapolis

AV for You set up audio and staging rental equipment for Council on American-Islamic Relations for a demonstration outside the US Federal Courthouse in Minneapolis, MN.

For the audio rental equipment we set up a PA system that consisted of two QSC K10 Powered Speakers, a Shure SM58 Microphone and a Mackie 1202-VLZ3 12 Channel Mixer.  We also supplied our Whirlwind PressPower 2 for the press to plug into.  We used our Honda Inverter 2000 watt Generator as our power source for the event.

For staging rental equipment we set up a 8’ x 4’ x 16” stage using our 4’ x 4’ stage decks and 16” legs. We also attached our 8” stage step.

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