US Foods event at Aria

AV For You rental pic AV For You proudly provided Audio, Video and Lighting for a company Awards Show for U.S. Foods at Aria in Downtown Minneapolis.

For Audio we used two of our JBL VRX Line Array Speakers and four of our QSC K10s to distribute even sound throughout the venue. We also set up our Shure podium microphones on our frosted podium.

For video we rear projected two Eiki 7kHD projectors onto two of our Draper 6.75x12 fastfold screens. We also rear projected another Eiki 7kHD onto our Dalite 8x14 fastfold screen center of the stage. We were able to do a split screen show using our powerful new Analog Way Nextage08 video switcher. We provided a 40" confidence monitor as well, to be seen by those speaking from the stage.

For lighting we set up 18 of our ADJ Flat Par LED lights in the catwalk to shine down onto the venue creating ambience for the event. We also set up 5 ETC Source 4s to provide light on the stage as well as spotlights for the VIP section and a window from which awards were to be presented. We placed two Elation Powerspot Moving Head Lights on 5' truss towers on each side of the stage. This was for Bally light sequences during the awards show.

At the tech table we had the Behringer X32 Digital Mixer, along with our Shure QLXD4 and UHF-R Wireless Mic Racks. We had the Analog Way Nextage08 Video Switcher, Delvcam 4K Ultra HD Monitor and Playback Pro. We also had our ETC Element Lighting Console for advanced lighting control over LEDs and Movers.

AV For You rental picAv For You rental pic