AV For You set up audio, video and lighting for the VEAP Gala at Hyatt Regency in Bloomington, MN.

For Audio we provided 12 of our dB Technologies DVA T4 Line Array Speakers. We flew 10 speakers on two sumner eventer 16 lifts. We also set 2 T4 speakers onstage as a center fill. We provided our Audio-Technica podium microphones at the podium. Along with this we set 4 K10 speakers for use as monitors onstage for a jazz band.

For Video we front projected our Eiki 7KHD projectors onto our Dalite 8'x14' fastfold screens. We set up two 10' towers in the back of the room and used our 4.2-6.0 Lens to fill the image on the screen.

For Lighting we provided 8 of our ETC Source 4 lights for a stage wash. We also Provided one Source 4 for a gobo projection on the White Muslin we attached to the crank up truss line behind the stage. Along with this we set up 10 American DJ Flat Par lights onto the White Muslin. We also provided 18 Battery Powered Uplights around the room set to green for decor.

At the tech table we have our Shure QLXD4 Wireless Distro Rack with our Behringer X32 Mixer for audio. We also had our Analog Way QuickVu Video Switcher for simple switching and a playback pro laptop for Video Rolls. We were also controlling our lighting using a ETC Smartfade Lighting Console.