Audio & Video Rental at Windows on Minnesota

Picture of AV for You audio and video rental equipment at Windows on Minnesota in IDS Tower

Picture of AV for You audio and video rental equipment at Windows on Minnesota in IDS Tower

AV for You provided audio and video for National Employment Lawyers Association's Eight Circuit NELA Conference.  This event was held at Windows On Minnesota (50th floor of the IDS Center), downtown Minneapolis, in the Stars and Universe rooms.

For audio rental equipment we provided two of our JBL Eon Speakers, four wired mics on table top stands, wireless lavaliers and handhelds, and a DI for laptop audio in both rooms.  In the Stars room we used our Behringer X32 Compact and digital snake for mixing.  In the Universe room we used our Allen & Heath ZED18 mixer along with our 250' Rapco audio snake.

For video we set up two of our Draper 5.75’ x10’ Fastfold Screens, two 4K HD short throw projectors, and projo stands.  Also provided were our ASUS show laptops and decimators to carry the video signal.

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