"AV For You did a home-run job, and it helped make our gig a piece of cake!"

I’m the fiddler for Highland Reign, and we just finished performing several sets over this past weekend at the Minnesota Scottish Fair. “AV For You” did the sound for us, and WOW!!! Kyle was in charge, with help from Sean, and the two of them did an A+++ job! We play at festivals and venues all over the country, and I don’t know if we’ve EVER had a better gig from an AV standpoint. Kyle was able to help us get set up and went through our sound checks in a matter of minutes. There wasn’t a SINGLE incident or hiccup, there was zero feedback across all four of our sets (along with all the other bands), and he (along with some help from Sean) was super great about catching even the most subtle cues during the show when we needed more or less of anything in our monitors.

Not only did the music sound good through our monitors, but it also sounded good in the house! There were a variety of bands and instruments (a brass ensemble, a harp, a Chinese erhu, bagpipes, etc.), and he knew exactly how to mic and mix each musician. Everything was balanced well, and no one’s musical efforts were wasted - Kyle caught them all. Unlike many “experienced” sound technicians, Kyle continued to mix and adjust levels throughout each of the dozen+ sets for five or six different bands. It wasn’t a set-it-and-forget-it show. He constantly made sure the music was sounding as good as it possibly could!

AV For You did a home-run job, and it helped make our gig a piece of cake! Kyle and Sean were 100% professional and knowledgeable both on and off the stage, and I’d use AV For You again anytime! My only regret is that they can’t do sound for all our festivals!!

-Nathan D