Pause 4 Paws “A Tail Wagging Affair” Gala at Aria

Aria-Mpls-Pause 4 Paws #1.jpg

AV for You set up audio, video and lighting rental equipment for Pause 4 Paws “A Tail Waggin Affair” annual fundraising gala at Aria in Minneapolis, MN.

Aria-Mpls-Pause 4 Paws #2.jpg

For audio rental equipment we set up four JBL VRX900 Line Array Speakers and Shure Microflex MX412 Podium Microphones.   

Aria-Mpls-Pause 4 Paws #3.jpg

For video rental equipment we rear projected our Eiki 7K HD Projector onto our Screen Works 8’ x 14’ Truss Screen.  

Aria-Mpls-Pause 4 Paws #4.jpg

For lighting rental equipment we set up eight Chauvet Ovation E-910FC Lights; six were for stage wash and two were used to display logos above the stage using custom gobos.

Aria-Mpls-Pause 4 Paws #5.jpg

At the tech table we utilized our Analog Way Saphyr Video Switcher.  We used our Decimator MD-HX to distribute video signal to the projector.  We used a Shure QLXD4 Distro Wireless Microphone rack, Behringer S16 Digital Snake and a Behringer X32 Compact Mixer for clear dependable audio.  We used an ETC Smartfade 2496 to control the stage wash at the event.

Aria-Mpls-Pause 4 Paws #6.jpg
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