Questscope 30th Anniversary Event At Loring Social In Minneapolis

Picture of AV For You Audio Visual Rental Equipment at Loring Social in Minneapolis for Anniversary Event

Picture of AV For You Audio Visual Rental Equipment at Loring Social in Minneapolis for Anniversary Event

AV for You provided Audio, Video, Lighting and Staging rental equipment as well as Technical Services for Questscopes 30th Anniversary that was held at the Loring Social in Minneapolis, MN.

For audio rental equipment we set up two QSC K12 Speakers, Shure Wireless Microphones and a Mackie Pro FX12 12 Channel Mixer.

For video rental equipment we projected our NEC 5K projectors onto Draper 10’ x 5.75’ Fastfold Screens.  We used our Roland HD Video Switcher in conjunction with the client's laptop.

For lighting rental equipment we used a couple of Chauvet Ovation E-910FC LED Lights for stage wash and controlled it using our ChamSys QuickQ 10 Lighting Board.

For staging rental equipment we constructed an 8’ x 8’ Stage using four 4’ x 4’ stage decks.  We also set up two panels of pipe and drape using our Black Ultra Velour Drape for backdrop.

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