Montessori Training Center 45th Anniversary Event

Montessori Center-St Paul-45th Anniversary #1.jpg

AV for You provided Audio, Video, Lighting and Staging Rental Equipment as well as Onsite Tech Services for the Montessori Training Center of Minnesota’s 45th Anniversary Event.

For Audio rental equipment we set up four QSC K10 Speakers, Shure Handheld Wireless Microphones and a Shure MX418 Microflex.

For Video rental equipment we projected our Eiki 7K HD Projector onto our DaLite Deluxe 14’ x 8’ Fastfold Screen.  We set up two Vizio 60” Monitors on rolling stands.  We also used our Panasonic AG-UX180 4K HD Camera for IMAG and to record the event.

For Lighting Rental equipment we used four Chauvet Ovation E-910FC LED Lights for stage wash.  We also set up six Eternal Lighting Cube Echo LED Battery Powered Uplights as well as ten American DJ Mega Bar lights for ambient lighting at the event.

For Staging Rental equipment we set up three panels of pipe and drape for backdrop using our Rosebrand Grey Drape.

At the Tech table we used a Playback Pro Computer and Analog Way QuickVu Video Switcher to switch between powerpoint and video rolls.  We utilized our HDMI/SDI Converter Kit to distribute HD Video Signal to the Projector.  We set up our Shure Wireless Microphone Kit, a Behringer X32 Producer and Behringer SD16 Digital snake for reliable audio at the event.  We controlled the stage wash using our ChamSys QuickQ 10 Lighting Board.

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