Leaders in Health Care Awards at the InterContinental Hotel St. Paul Riverfront

Picture of the AV for You audio/visual set up for the Leaders in Health Care at the InterContinental Hotel St Paul AV for You provided audio, video, and lighting for Minnesota Business Magazine's Leaders in Health Care Awards at the Intercontinental Hotel in St. Paul, MN.

For audio, we provided four JBL VRX Line Array Speakers, two K10s, and two K8s onstage as center fills. We spread the speakers on stands around the perimeter of the room to provide good coverage for the space. We provided our Shure Podium Mics and two DIs onstage for band audio.

For video, we front projected onto our Screen Works 9’x16’ Truss folding screens using our Eiki 7kHD projectors. We also provided our 40" confidence monitor to provide speakers with a view of the program.

For lighting, we set up four ETC Source 4 lights on a 15’ Truss tower from the back of the room for a stage wash. We also provided 10 of our battery powered uplights set to blue around the room.

We also provided a speaker timer, which allows the presenter onstage to view his remaining speech time.